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[movies]Gas Pkgg
Gas prices rising
Keywords: Gas prices
Downloads: 18
[movies]Random Tips on How to Avoid High Gas Prices - Mike Lindsey
Who the hell wants to pay high gas prices? Outside of chaing yourself to the gas pumps in protest, you can apply these tips. This is a part of my series titled 62 Ways To Save Money At the Gas Pump
Keywords: gas prices
Downloads: 367
[movies]one tank fill 'er up - DJ Chuang
how much it cost me today to fill up with gas for my minivan
Keywords: gas prices
Downloads: 139
[movies]Crude Money - The Criticians
Trailer satire for a non-existent movie about one man's frustration with rising gas prices. Footage from various Prelinger films on Archive.org
Keywords: comedy; trailer; gas prices
Downloads: 212
[movies]Crude Money - Revised Version - The Criticians
Trailer satire for a non-existent movie about one man's frustration with rising gas prices, using footage from various Prelinger films. [re-edited 7/1/04]
Keywords: comedy; trailer; gas prices
Downloads: 713 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Pump 5 - Erik Nelson
A short video on gas prices in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on April 16, 2005
Keywords: Bottom Union; Erik Nelson; Gas; Gas Prices
Downloads: 396
[audio]Kim DeFlyer audio - Craig Learn
Kim DeFlyer talks about the possibilities of gas prices rising
Keywords: Kim; DeFlyer; Gas prices; New To You
Downloads: 9
[audio]Just Right #12 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Gas Prices: Why Iran Rations Gas Election Reform: One Ballot, Two Choices? Government Doing Good TV Technologies
Keywords: Gas Prices; Election Reform; Government; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 44
[movies]DIY Energy Saving Tip 2 - thompsongas
Watch this video to know more about how money and energy can be saved by using propane in water heating. By using the gas fire tank water heater, water is heated only when it's needed.
Keywords: lp gas prices; propane delivery; propane service; propane dealers
Downloads: 7
[audio]Just Right #6 - Robert Metz
Gas Prices Canada And The Monarchy Ayn Rand's Prediction On The New Left's Global Warming Strategy
Keywords: Global Warming; Ayn Rand; Politics; Freedom; Gas Prices
Downloads: 134
[audio]1110 KBND Your Town 8/28/13
AAA's Marie Dodds talka about holiday travel and the impact of the conflict in Syria on gas prices.
Keywords: 1110 KBNMD; Your Town; 8/28/13; gas prices; AAA
Downloads: 2
[audio]TRP 2/24/12
TRP 2/24/12
Keywords: Obama; Gas Prices; Finlandization; Beringian; Solutrean; Jefferson; Hamilton
Downloads: 21
[audio]running on fumes - jon winston
The price of gasoline is rising and an unprepared country confronts its addiction. As we hit bottom amid oil wars and looming petro-breakdown, Bikescape looks for signs that the denial is wearing thin. Come along for the ride as we talk with bikers getting ready for Critical Mass and drivers getting their fix at the local gas station. Note: This podcast was finished moments before I handed my laptop to the repair shop for a week...
Keywords: gas; gas prices; petrol; peak oil; bike; bicycle; critical mass
Downloads: 489
[movies]Release - submedia.tv
This Week: 1. Four Dollar Lie 2. Fueling the Gasoline Riots 3. Release 4. R.A.T.M. 5. Your Motherfuckinâ Rights
Keywords: gas prices; fuel riots; dreams; rights; Carla J. Magnuson
Downloads: 276
[movies]Pre Show - Reynold Wright
Gas station lowers price to .99 cents
Keywords: Gas; San Francisco; San Jose; Gas Prices; Tech; Show; Vlog Fi
Downloads: 86
[movies]Pre Show Vlog-Fi - Reynold Wright
25 Dec 2005 a gas station to add to holiday cheer lowered it's gas prices to .99 cents.
Keywords: Gas Prices; Gas; San Francisco; Tech; Vlog; Blog; San Jose; Vlog-Fi
Downloads: 38
[movies]PreShow - Reynold Wright
25 Dec 2005 A gas station lowers its price of gas to just .99
Keywords: Gas; Gas Prices; San Frnacisco; Vlog; Blog; Vlog-Fi; San Jose; Tech
Downloads: 61
[movies]NWC News Episode 1 - Northwestern Student Television
First NWC news show of the Fall 2006 season Top Stories: Sabor Latino American Idol Auditions Lower Gas Prices Deadly Mushrooms Northwestern Football @ Westminster Northwestern Men's Soccer @ Hamline
Keywords: Student; television; news; college; gas prices; dancing; american idol; mushrooms; northwestern college; football; soccer
Downloads: 36
[movies]NWCnews Episode 1 - Northwestern Student Television
The first episode of the fall 2006 season. Stories include Sabor Latino American Idol Lower Gas Prices Deadly Mushrooms Northwestern Football @ Westminster Northwestern Men's Soccer @ Hamline
Keywords: Soccer; Football; Dancing; Northwestern College; American Idol; Gas prices; Student Television; student; college; news
Downloads: 54
[movies]Our Viewmeister's Bid for Congress - William F. O'Brien
Dr. Ron Kramer takes on the duties of host for this show. He interviews our other panelist Don Cooney who has thrown his hat into the ring in the run for Congress against incumbant Fred Upton (Rep. Michigan 6th District). Don has been on this show since its inception 6 years ago. We also talk about the recent trip to the UAE by President Bush, and its failure to lower the price of oil.
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Bush,Congress,Fred Upton,Don Cooney,Michigan,oil,gas prices
Downloads: 58
[movies]Edio Stupied - High Gas Prices
Edio is so stupid that he wears his pants for his shirt, his shirt for his pants, has a shoe on his head and his foot in a bucket. He is the ultimate victim. Almost oblivious to his predicament, he mutters,"hey" when things go wrong. Now that gas prices are over the top you'd think Edio would drive a Smart Car.
Keywords: searchonly; stupid; idiot; luck; fool; cartoon; joke; boob; high gas prices
Downloads: 3
[audio]HookShow#24- Gadgets, Newspaper delivery, Caffeine, Gas Prices - DigitalDan
Click here to Download the HooK Show #24 for 07-31-06 UPDATES comments from the last show * Ascii Adam * Alissa from Creot Radio COMMENT LINE 1 206 600 HOOK Gadget review for Palm Treo700 |Nikon Coolpix L1 * 'the current' streaming public radio * somafm.com * forex.tradingcharts.com ASCII Adam Frappr Blog ASCII ADAM HOOKSHOW+ADAM@GMAIL.COM Newspaper Delivery # Star Tribune job discription "Get up early to deliver the Star Tribune newspaper...
Keywords: hookshow; podcast; digital dan; ascii adam; lowtech lynn; gadget; forex; newspaper; caffeine; gas prices
Downloads: 977
[audio]Who Gets To Complain About High Gas Prices? - Sly in the Morning
CBS ran a story this weekend which featured a Prius owning "hypermiler" whining about how high gas prices are when he fills up every SIX WEEKS. As the owner of a Suburban and two huge American station wagons, I do not feel bad for the Prius driver when gas prices climb to $4 a gallon. With you help, I come up with a gas complaint pecking order. This whiny prius driver is the last person that gets to complain.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; high gas prices; oil; prius; 1670 WTDY; Madison; Wisconsin
Downloads: 71
[audio]Rag Radio 2012-03-23 - Rag Blog Writers Jay D. Jurie and Roger Baker - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Roger Baker and Jay D. Jurie are regular contributors to the progressive Internet news magazine, The Rag Blog. On the program, they discuss issues related to two recently-published articles. Jurie had reported on the Florida killing of black youth Trayvon Martin by a self-appointed neighborhood vigilante (and the massive public reaction to that killing), and Baker's article discussed the growing impact of high gas prices on average Americans and on the society-at-large...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Thorne Dreyer; Roger Baker; Trayvon Martin; High Gas Prices; Vigilante Justice; The Rag Blog
Downloads: 36
[audio]Bob Van Der Valk Interview on Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff Pt 2 of 4 - Tom Egelhoff
Breakdown of gas pricing covered. How much does the gasoline in a 42-gallon barrel of oil cost to produce? The XL Pipeline, how much can it carry? How much imported oil would the pipeline replace. Is energy independence possible? New refinery in North Dakota? How pure is the oil in North Dakota? Nebraska Aquifer? Pipeline across private property?
Keywords: gas prices; barrel of oil; imported oil; north dakota; nebraska; aquifer
Downloads: 23
[audio]Obama's Solution To High Gas Prices: Dump The SUV - Sly in the Morning
President Obama says I should get rid of my Suburban rather than complain about high gas prices. I know I'm going to pay more for gas then someone driving a less gluttonous vehicle but oil speculators are making huge profits while driving our economy into the dirt. How will the rising price of gas affect your family?
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Obama; high gas prices; speculators; oil; 1670 WTDY; Madison; Wisconsin
Downloads: 64
[movies]Pre Show - Reynold Wright
25 Dec 2005 A gas station in San Francisco lowers its price of reg gas to just .99 for the holiday
Keywords: News; San Francisco; Vlof-Fi; Vlog; Blog; Show; San Jose; Gas; Gas Prices
Downloads: 68
[movies]Funny or Die Video 7111016eaf: Bozack and Sammy: Season 1-2 Gas Prices - Funny or Die
Bozack and Sammy speak their mind on gas prices.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; CC Sammy; Gas Prices; My Way; Randy Hayes; jack; naztradamix; sammy
Downloads: 3
[audio]Bulldog Radio 03-04-11 - Bulldog Radio
We hate what you love...THE BULLDOG RADIO SHOW! Little Joe rejoins Bobby and Junior tonight on the show. Tonight we smash the faces of Charlie Sheen, Howard Finkel, gas prices, the Westboro Baptist Church, the movie Catfish, Glee and more. From our black hearts to all of yours, TONIGHT...ON THE BULLDOG RADIO SHOW!
Keywords: Charlie Sheen; Howard Finkel; gas prices; Westboro Baptist Church; Catfish; Glee; freedom of speech; first amendment
Downloads: 187
[movies]$10 A Gallon Gasoline - http://ralph-epperson.com
Ralph Epperson will present the evidence that the FEDERAL GOVERN-MENT and "THE SEVEN SISTERS (the seven largest oil companies in the world) have colluded on SHUTTING DOWN AMERICA'S OIL RE-SERVES, thereby forcing America to seek FOREIGN OIL, for it's gasoline needs. Did you know that: * * OPEC (The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) IS NOT Arabian (it appears as if only 7 of the nations are Arabian) * * Many of the OPEC nations have signed a CARTEL AGREEMENT with various members of "T...
Keywords: government conspiracy; gas prices; teckfilms; publius press; ralph epperson; opec; seven sisters; oil prices
Downloads: 363
[audio]CSA Episode 169 - "Different show, same day..." - CSA Podcast / 8 Beer Sampler Productions
So Maqz and T Fab P had so much to talk about, they just kept at it and did a second show on this night. They began (or continued with...) some discussion about a blog post T Fab P did on things bugging him which included weird tattoos and talking heads on the news always referring to global warming whenever there is a blizzard. This leads to the boys talking about climate change and the effects that even a slight warming can cause...
Keywords: pissing us off; dick cheney; gas prices; global warming; blizzard; weird tattoos; MRSA
Downloads: 118
[audio]Burning the Dinosaur - John Eivaz
song written 1997 or thereabouts, for Michael Scheinbaum's The Full Deck website Burning the Dinosaur way back in the 70s it was still below a buck then something happened overseas the arabs went amuck i couldn't understand emergency or plan was this a viscous cycle in which we were ever stuck (viscosity: the property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semi-fluid) so add another digit and subtract a bit more cash rationing and siphoning old concepts to rehash your numbered licenseplate authoriz...
Keywords: guitar; john e; e john e; gas prices; The Full Deck
Downloads: 41
[audio]BehindTheNumbersShow102_2011 - Dr. Don Levy and Meghann Crawford
Dr. Levy and Meghann discuss Consumer Confidence in New York.
Keywords: 88.3 the Saint; WVCR; Behind the Numbers; Dr. Don Levy; Meghann Crawford; Public Opinion Polling; Siena; Siena Research Institute; Siena College; Siena College Research Institute; New York; Consumer Confidence; Gas prices; Food prices; Drop in Gas Prices; Stagnant Economy
Downloads: 4
[movies]Funny or Die Video 54b27d4fef: My Drunken Dad: Stealing a Shit Load of Gas - Funny or Die
Me and my dad go out to steal some gas from other cars. This is because the soaring prices in gas these days.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Dad; Drunken; Gas Prices; Me and My; My; President Bush; Stealing; go out
Downloads: 5
[audio]TOC125StateoftheUnion - TOC
TOC125theODDCAST:State of the Union
Keywords: Talk; Radio; comedy; podcast; errorfm.com; brian whitman; politics; presidential election; barak obama; mitt romney; gas prices; news
Downloads: 61
[audio]Thought Press Podcast 9.16.05 - Andy Otto
Today: John Roberts controversy | Hurricanes | 1955 Newsreel | Fuel crisis around the world | Robert Wise died | Hong Kong Disneyland opening | How we podcast
Keywords: katrina; news; new york; austria; france; style; fashion; rv; gas prices; sound of music; west side story; disney
Downloads: 792
[audio]Mary Bottari - Why Gas Prices Are High - Sly in the Morning
Mary Bottari from the Center for Media & Democracy explains why oil speculators are driving up gas prices which hurts consumers, drags down the economy, and leads to food riots around the world. One the best provisions out the financial reform bill was limits on this type of speculation but those limits still haven't been implemented.
Keywords: Mary Bottari; Center for Media and Democracy; 1670 WTDY; oil speculation; gas prices; wall street; Madison; Wisconsin
Downloads: 73
[audio]Unemployment Podcast - Mobile T
Mobile T speaks about unemployment, the economy, and cost of living.
Keywords: Podcast; indymedia; independent; media; commentary; cost of living; consumer; gas prices; economy; portland; oregon; mobilet; joe anybody; ipod; sound clip; media
Downloads: 18
[audio]Thought Press Podcast 9.16.05 - Andy Otto
An enhanced podcast where it's news, plus more. Today: John Roberts controversy | Hurricanes | 1955 Newsreel | Fuel crisis around the world | Robert Wise died | Hong Kong Disneyland opening | How we podcast
Keywords: european union; katrina; new york; france; austria; gas prices; disney; china; enhanced podcast; sound of music; west side story; julie andrews; news; weather
Downloads: 152
[audio]radio culinair show #14 042312 - executive chef b
Skyrocketing gas and fuel prices are reflected in the stores: fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, canned goods are all jumping up in price. The agro and gas giants that control the Gov't via lobbiest and payola are setting themselves up for a fall. More consumers are purchasing local groceries as they are now becoming cost competitive. More people are avoiding eating meat and dairy and substituting plant based foods in their diet to make ends meet Go into any working or low income area and there are...
Keywords: food dessert; consultant; chef; cook; Obama; FDA; USDA; conservative; lobby; gas prices; vegetable; vegetarian; cereal; sugar; diet; regime; supermarket; fish; meat; pink slime; waste product
Downloads: 5
[audio]KGAL Valley Talk Gas prices_Habitat for Humanity_Best Heating - KGAL Radio
KGAL talks with Marie Dodds of Triple A about gas prices. Wanda Kinney, director of the Albany Habitat for Humanity. We also talk with Ron Loewen with Best Heating and Air conditioning
Keywords: kgal radio; kgal; valley talk; gas prices; triple a; habitat for humanity; albany habitat for humanity; best heating; best heating and air conditioning
Downloads: 8
[audio]The President is Frustrated - Ty Benton
Here I discuss about the upcoming President Obama big speech on jobs to a joint session of congress. I also give my ideas of what I would love to see come out of the speech.
Keywords: President Obama; President Obama job speech; DNC; economy; Fair Tax; GOP; Health Care; high gas prices; Job speech; OPEC; President Obama; Reagan
Downloads: 19
[texts]GasPriceImpacts June2008
GasPriceImpacts June2008
Keywords: ridership; transit; gas; sales; percent; prices; metro; march; public; washington; gas prices; public transportation; metro transit; bus ridership; king county; gas sales; county metro
Downloads: 16
[movies]When will our supply of gas peak?
Matthew Simmons says our global gas supply may peak before oil supply peaks and warns that switching from gas will be harder than transitioning from oil. Gas was always priced at a discount to oil because it?s hard to transport. Now, many major gas reserves are already in production decline.
Keywords: news&information; global gas supply; global gas reserves; gas supply peak; run out of gas; gas prices; peak oil; gas reserves; gas production; gas production decline; gas price v oil price; transition from oil; transition from gas
[audio]The Snark-Gap Transmission, Show #0019 - November 17, 2008 - Steve Shives
Is this really our nineteenth foray into the odd and the pointless? It must be; it says so right in the filename. This week, Steve and McAsherson celebrate the ongoing American economic crisis for entirely selfish reasons (it has lowered the price of gas), reveal the acceptance of gay equality encoded into the very fabric of our nation (red+white+blue=lavender), wonder why the hell New York would want to nickname itself Gotham City, talk of things Star Trek and Bruce Greenwood, and review the lo...
Keywords: snark-gap transmission; podcast; star trek; bruce greenwood; gay marriage; same-sex marriage; proposition 8; gas prices; economy; shakespeare; the tempest; shepherd university; rude mechanicals; paradigm 9; nowhere man
Downloads: 573
[audio]090512 KGAL Valley Talk Gas prices_Western University_Kirks Ferry Trading Post_Sublimity Harvest Festival - KGAL Radio
KGAL Valley Talk visits with Marie Dodds of Triple A about gas prices, Paul Aversano at Western University of Health Sciences, Greg and Dakota Hopla of Kirks Ferry Trading Post and Roger Stidell and Aaron Basel monster truck drivers who will perform at the Sublimity Harvest Festival
Keywords: kgal valley talk; dave adams; gas prices; oregon triple a; western University of Health Sciences; monster truck drivers; the destroyer monster truck; break the chains monster truck; sublimity harvest festival
Downloads: 14
[audio]052212 KGAL Valley Talk Willamette Valley Concert Band_Gas prices to drop_Send 2 The Troops_Facebook_Electric Cars - KGAL Radio
Daily talk show on Newstalk 1580 KGAL. We talk to DR. Richard Sorenson, Director of the Willamette Valley Concert Band on his 40 years with the band. The Monday, may 28th Memorial Day concert will include a special arrangement honoring him. We also talk to Triple A's Maria Dodds about predictions northwest gas prices are to drop. Also on the show, Sharon Crary of Give 2 the Troops, comments about Facebook's IPO offering and the poor demand for electric cars.
Keywords: newstalk 1580 kgal; kgal; valley talk; kgalvalleytalk; kgal valley talk. Willamette Valley Concert Band; Dr Richard Sorenson; Triple A; gas prices; Send 2 the troops; Sharon Crary; Facebook; electric cars
Downloads: 7
[movies]They Said 2/28/11
They Said hit the Baja Betty's studio for some pre-Oscar talk & libations that drew quite a crowd and moderator Courtney Ray used that to her full advantage. Chris, Alejandra, Kelly & Ian gave their predictions on the evening's big winners (you'll have to watch to find out how well they did) and then dove in to a schlew of hot topics including: Target and Lady Gaga, Lisa Ling's interview on OWN with a seven-year-old transgender girl, Obama's big DOMA decision, SDSU basketball, Facebook's new rel...
Keywords: talk&interview; they said; hsss; he said she said; baja bettys; oscars; courtney ray; ian johnson; alejandra sandoval; chris keith; kelly dorsey; facebook; doma; breast milk; sdsu basketball; oprah winfrey; lady gaga; target; gas prices; ophelia later; aaron heier
Downloads: 10
[movies]They Said 3/7/11
Chris, Alejandra, Courtney, Kelly and Ian gave us some pre-Mardi Gras dish that started with a quick recap of the Oscars and moved quickly onto one of the biggest stories of the week, everyone's favorite Warlock Charlie Sheen. They all raised a glass of tiger's blood and then got deep (very deep) about quantity discount program, Groupon, before talking about local charity, Christie's Place and how you can help this organization that serves women & children affected by HIV & AIDS...
Keywords: talk&interview; alejandra sandoval; courtney ray; ian johnson; kelly dorsey; chris keith; they said; baja bettys; oscars; gas prices; san diego; lgbt; events san diego; r gang eatery; mardi gras; reality tv; bars san diego; charlie sheen; groupon
Downloads: 3
[audio]Big lies, big oil, and the 2008 Presidential Race - Dori Smith, WHUS Storrs
Talk Nation Radio for August 7, 2008 Big lies, big oil, and the 2008 Presidential Race Nick Berning of Friends of the Earth and Paul Waldman of Media Matters on McCain V Obama Produced by Dori Smith at WHUS, a Pacifica Affiliate station at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT TRT: 29:41 Republican John McCain has been getting a lot of mileage out of his demands for drilling which he has said will reduce oil prices...
Keywords: Talk Nation Radio; U.S. off shore drilling won't lower gas prices any time soon; lies from John McCain on off shore drilling; more lies in book by Jerome Corsi; remember his book on John Kerry with head of Swift Boat Veterans; Nick Berning on what John McCain versus Barack Obama has said about drilling and high fuel prices and energy plans
Downloads: 143
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